12 kinds of design of the Dome of the mosque

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12 kinds of design of the Dome of the mosque

One part of the mosque who frequently becomes attraction for visitors is the dome.The design of the vault makes extensive Mosque buildings spread over the entire territory of Indonesia. There are a number of mosques have domes of mosques and traditional-style building of the mosque is decorated with modern dome. Whatever type of turret mounted on the top of the main building of the mosque, the course will be tailored to the architectural style of the mosque itself. The dome itself is the oldest architectural masterpieces in the world and has long been there to complement the beauty and Majesty of the magnificent buildings of the world. The dome was a symbol of the degree and the Majesty on high. No wonder if the dome is not just applied to the ordinary buildings. The dome can only kontraktor kubah masjid be found on the magnificent buildings as well as the special value nan. The dome itself has quite a lot of variation form. At least there are 13 types of dome seen from the form.
Dome Berumbi
berumbi taj mahal dome
Berumbi dome design has a simple form. Its shape is very similar to the shape of the hemisphere or the half of the Earth; It’s just that at the bottom is slightly elongated and tapered at the ends is made as a form of budding bulbs that are growing. Example form a dome cupola building berumbi that is the Taj Mahal in India. A similardome shape also encountered in most of the building of mosques in Egypt.
2. The Dome of the monastery
the dome of the monastery
The design of the dome of the monastery might not look like the shape of the dome in General if seen from outside, but this type of dome will look like a dome seen from the bottom of the dome. The basic form of this monastery is the Dome Square.The dome has order angle and permukaaa dome in the form of curved areas. The dome of the monastery not only mounted on the roof of the main building, but alsooften serve as the design of the ceiling in the building-shaped hallway. True to its name, the dome of the monastery was taken from history where the shape of the dome of the monastery is encountered at the ancient monastery buildings, especially the Renaissance buildings.
3. The Dome of the composition
Dome double decker
The design of the dome has two bunk bunk dome on one roof. Types of Domes like this are rarely found and applied. But the shape of the dome is unique, IE like two stacked domes. The dome over the pointy tip of the petioles, whereas lower cupola only visible has the curved side. This stacking dome encountered in buildings in the Byzantine period.
4. The dome shape of the Arrow Crossed
the dome arrow crossed
Ever see the dome of the great mosque of Cordoba who was so famous in Spain? It is true, the dome on the building of the great mosque of Cordoba is the type of arrows crossed dome Design. On the part of the space under the dome there are linesthat are not mutually cut, but bump into each other at many points so as to form ageometric pattern of squares. A few lines later as if forming a star.
5. Geodesic Dome
geodesic dome
Geodesic dome design belongs to the very unique because of its shape is not fully rounded smooth, but consisted of many flat-bar attached to the shape of polihedral.The dome of this kind are often applied to building the monument. Quite a lot of the mosque also has a dome shape as this one.
6. A semicircular Dome
semicircular dome
True to its name, this dome Design has the shape of a half circle and a dome with a form like this is first found in the Asyiria. The design of the dome and then expanded to have standard patterns by the original architects of Rome. And did you know, a semicircular dome was first made by a mathematician origin Greece.
That’s some sort of design among 12 kinds of mosque dome mosque design in the world. Look forward to the sequel in the next article. You liked this article? Please share on Facebook, Twitter, and G +. Contact us for a consultation about the dome ofthe mosque. You can contact us via the contact us page.

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