7 Days Finding a Match, That Is Ordinary. Try 7 Days to Get a New Home!

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7 Days Finding a Match, That Is Ordinary. Try 7 Days to Get a New Home!

The story of Rey Utami’s recent marriage is talked about and spread viral in social media can make people so jealous. How come? The beautiful sports presenter was married within 7 days of his acquaintance with Pablo Putra Benua through a dating hunting app, Tinder.

Yes, Pablo does have a myriad of allure, including money to be able to buy a car and luxury watches for her partner. You want to be lucky like Rey?

Instead of wishing to find a super-rich partner, live on a definite course. The money in your savings you can use to own a new home as an investment or live on its own.

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“According to Rum research, Indonesian people need about seven to nine to decide to buy a house. This is because home is one of the important decisions in life so it takes a long time to decide. And the most trusted by the people of Indonesia in rumah mewah making decisions about the house is a friend and family, “said Wasudewan, Country Manager R.

Could you have a home sooner? Of course it can, even faster, as long as you know how effective. Here are the steps:

Day One: Find the house to buy

It’s no longer time to find a home by flicking through the pages of newspapers or traveling around in the location that you seek. With an online property portal like R, you can find hundreds of new homes from all over Indonesia.

In the online property portal, you can not trust information from developers just like that. A 5 minute claim from the toll booth could mislead you. To prove it, click Property Review which presents a more in-depth and complete property review from experts.

“Here you will also find detailed information such as a brief history of the location of housing, developer developers, hospitals that receive BPJS near housing, to complete specifications,” added Wasudewan.

Day Two: Have a discussion

After finding new housing options, discuss with your family, spouse or friends. Consider that buying a home is preparing the future for the family. You need to know the condition of the road, the security, to the favorite schools that will be a place for future children’s education.

Ask also the experience of friends who live near or equal to the location you seek. From them, you will know the weaknesses and advantages of living in the area, such as floods, traffic jams, or other housing options.

Day Three: Location survey

With property reviews, like those you find on R, you can save time and energy. Because this review shows photos of road conditions, virtual video to 360 degree video housing units, you simply survey the homes you’ve chosen steadily.

“Through the survey, you can experience yourself when the housing conditions are too noisy due to traffic ahead of the highway, commuter line or aircraft,” added Wasudewan. For one day, you can focus on surveying some housing in one location.

Day Four: Paying a sign

Once you find a home of choice, continue with the payment of a token. This sign is like a booking sign that is proof of order so that the house you want is not purchased by others. Or so you do not get a new higher price.

Generally every developer has different rules related to this sign. Some are released indefinitely, some require paying a deposit after some time, but there are also developers who consider the charred sign if not so buy.

Fifth Day: Pay the down payment

You may perform this process on the fourth day after paying the signature. Even some developers state that the sign is a part of the down payment.

Down payment is the first payment you make to the developer. Currently the government has issued a rule that the amount of down payment that you must provide for the first house is 15 percent of the total price of the house.

After the down payment, you are in fact entitled to own the home of that choice. The rest? You can pay it off by installment of Home Financing Credit aka KPR.

Step six: Applying for a mortgage to the bank

After paying the down payment, then you just apply for mortgage loans to the Bank. In this process generally developers will help you take care of the filing to a bank that has become a partner.

But if you choose a bank that is not a partner developer then you are forced to take care of itself. Some of the mortgage requirements that you must complete include a copy of a bank account of all savings, a certificate of employment (as a permanent employee at least 2 years), a salary slip

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