8 terms of the loan BJPS Sharing Employment Home

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8 terms of the loan BJPS Sharing Employment Home

The cost of being a major consideration in buying a home. Moreover, the price of a new home is currently already soared, especially if you are in the middle of a city like Jakarta or penyangganya area.

Based on the new Rumah.com residential canals, minimalist house prices recorded in South Tangerang area ranges between at Rp500 million to Rp700 million.

Another case of Bogor and Depok, still pegged the figure began to Rp300 millions for home with a building area of 36m2.

It means that when consumers are only able to mencicil under the House at Rp500 millions, Bogor and Depok could be an alternative location is worth considering.

The question of constraints cost may actually be addressed consumers to rely on facilities provided BPJS staffing (BPJS-TK). Because, in the year 2017 BPJS issued the latest programme i.e. Cooperation Workers Housing Bank (PPKSB).

Through this program, participants can earn interest Employment BPJS Mortgages (MORTGAGES) lighter.

This program was a result of cooperation of the BPJS-TK with Country Savings Bank PT Tbk (Bank BTN).

Director of Development Investment BPJS-TK Khrisna Sharif said, “the whole rules and the implementation of the programme are brewing together banking and related ministries. The loans, interest is expected to be lower than commercial mortgage rates. ”

“The purpose of holding this program is because we wanted to contribute to the construction of One million homes. And with this MoU, then package necessarily has to be better than commercial banks, “he added.

In fact, housing lending programme already existed when the BPJS-TK still bears the name of the Scheme. The program, known as the granting of cash advance housing (PUMP).

Unfortunately the PUMP got laid off and now the program will apply again. Despite its schema will be different from the previous program, but its purpose remains, namely the KPR provides convenience for participants BPJS-TK with mild interest.

For the people that are interested in utilizing this program, there are a few requirements that must be observed, among them:

1. the maximum house price at Rp500 Million (non-subsidized).

2. be an active participant Registered for at least one year.

3. proposed Home is the home of the first participant.

4. If the spouse is a husband and wife participants BPJS-TK, then the only one who can ask a MORTGAGE.

5. the maximum period of credit for home ownership can be made up to 20 years.

6. Period of cash advance loan housing refers to the time period specified maximum limit with BTN 15 years.

7. The calculation of the applicable interest rate refers to the conditions set out in accordance with the BI Rate and calculation of the BTN.

8. Specifically for the submission of non-MORTGAGE subsidies and cash advance loans, participants or the debtor would incur interest rates appropriate BI Rate plus 3% per year with the annual annuity corresponding calculation system for Bank BTN.

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