Can one get addicted to healthy food?

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Can one get addicted to healthy food?

Have you ever come across someone very obsessed on healthy food, so don’t havetime doing other things?


This condition is commonly called orthorexia nervosa. It usually begins when a person interested in learning how to eat healthy foods. The result he will focus all their energy just to control the food that she will consume.


The Association that focuses on eating disorders in the United States (the National Eating Disorders Association) revealed, this condition is similar to anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Only difference is, instead of targeting a number of foods sufferer, but instead of spending all of their time on what they eat.


What is happening now is the obsession of getting food that is clean and healthy, as opposed to distractions in the past where a person driven to become thinner. Inorthorexia, motivation (sufferers) is hygiene, purity and sealami possible, “says Sondra Kronberg, MS, Rd.


According to Kronberg, a motivational moment it becomes torturous for a person’s life then the experts could say it as interference.


“… This is not limited to I’d rather eat a healthy diet, but I am flexible to know my body would stay healthy when it should be taking regular bread, or pasta,” he said.


The standard treatment for orthorexia is a therapy-based talk, making sufferers no longer be too controlling.


“Sort of talking about how do you afraid of eating something or don’t want to eat something, or what happens to you. Someone (experts) sit with sufferers and see he started shaking when certain foods are served at the front, “said Kronberg as reported by Fox News.

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