Can You Use A Vpn To Hide Your Ip Address And Do Illegal Things Online

Can You Use A Vpn To Hide Your Ip Address And Do Illegal Things Online

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The solution is, NO, but it happens every now and then. It relies upon on what you are doing, where you’re, and which carrier you use. Many customers have the false impression that the usage of a VPN to hide your IP deal with on line makes you invincible to the law. VPN services use key phrases and terms that imply this, but it is no longer usually genuine. Though VPN services conceal your identity online, shield you from government and private agencies monitoring your IP address, ‘unblock web sites blocked by usa firewalls, do not maintain server logs, among different matters, there are a few situations.

For example in September 2011, it turned into discovered that a hacker organization via the name LulzSec hacked into a few principal organizations and government organizations, together with Sony, The UK Serious Organized Crime Agency, NATO, AT&T, Viacom, Disney, EMI, NBC Universal, and AOL. They then launched private and touchy records from all the above companies for public get entry to. It became quickly discovered that they used Hide My Ass, a British VPN employer. Upon court order, HMA turned into capable of provide login info of LulzSec, the hackers have been recognized, and taken to court docket. Though the authentic fees, the wide variety of hackers related to the incident, and whether they all used HMA’s carrier is uncertain, the point stands that HMA launched records about one of its customers. Why?

Because what they wherein doing turned into illegal in line with British Law. As a UK organization, they may be certain by using the legal guidelines of The UK, and if they do not comply with these legal guidelines, irrespective of what they are about, HMA will be shut down. Not only HMA, but this will appear to any other valid VPN provider. Furthermore, HMA has actually said that they do now not fear the authorities of any country, and this changed into essential to hold providing provider to other non-regulation-breaking customers.

Could the identical appear to you?It relies upon on what you do. For example, if you’re in China, and get right of entry to Facebook, that’s a banned website – a VPN service maximum sincerely won’t deliver away your facts to the Chinese government – we noticed the revolution in Egypt in advance this 12 months fueled by using Twitter and Facebook (they may be both banned in Egypt). If you’re downloading torrents with a Dutch IP from your VPN carrier, you’re additionally secure. Torrents and record sharing are prison in The Netherlands, so that you’re safe.

So how can you be sure?

I’m no legal professional, but as a ways as what I’ve seen written in blogs, boards, and articles online, until you’re into a few extreme hacking and want to cover your IP deal with to wreak havoc, I think you are o.K.. Even concerning the gray location of document sharing in international locations like The US and The UK, until you have got 10 thousand gigs of copyrighted material on you’re hard drive, you have not got an awful lot to worry about. It’s first-rate to be clean on local laws, and laws of the IP addresses you are the use of over the VPN community, but except you’re invading and exposing information of different users, I do not suppose anybody’s going to bother you..

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