Differences Quick Format and Format, Which is Better?

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When it comes to format your hard disk or a flash you surely will find two options, namely Quick Format (quick format) and format (full format). Getting these two options it makes a lot of people confused.

Are you also confused? And perhaps you will ask, why the hell why there are two choices? Many people end up choosing Format although it takes a bit longer https://www.bloglovin.com/@bestreviews/best-ultrawide-monitor .In addition, many who chose Quick Format because the process is faster. Well, you sure you curious about the difference between a Quick Format and Format . Here we give the explanation, listened to ya.

Differences Quick Format and Format, Which is Better?

Work Systems A file
is a good idea before heading answer is you know in advance how a file system works. When a file is deleted from the flash or a computer hard drive, the actual files are not erased completely. When you add a new file, then the old file will be replaced with the new file. Such is the brief work file system.

What Happens When Choosing a Full Format?
Full Format selection on the flash or hard drive can allow a file to be erased completely and the drive will examine whether having a bad sector or not. If you find any bad sectors, then the next will be improved. If successful, the deposit will be healthy again and will create a new file system table on the storage media. This is what makes the process longer format when compared to Quick Format.

Bad sectors are a sign stating that there are certain parts of the physical hardware is damaged so it is not used anymore. Mark bad sectors while formatting is usually made at the hardware by the diagnosis program.

How the Quick Format?
Pilhan Quick Format will only remove the files in the archive. Data or old files still exist and will be lost if hit by new files. By using the Quick Format, we will not be able to know if the flash or hard disk bad sector experience. So, when you do the install or add a file when there are bad sectors then the data is corrupted or damaged.

In short is when do the full format, it will be like a flash or hard disk is destroyed and built again from scratch. Make sure that everything goes well. The aim is that the flash or hard drive can build the entire structure of files and ensure no bad sectors. By using the Full Format will make your computer have a long life.

Better Than Quick Format Full Format
After reading the above, then to choose than Quick Format Full Format any condition. Especially when reinstalling the computer or remove the virus on the flash.

Important to know when you plan to resell the flash or hard drive, it is advisable to do a full format. Because, the data you were previously there, really deleted and can not be returned. How is the explanation? Are they confused? Please leave a comment below.

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