Garnier Sakura White, Bright, Beautiful Smooth Skin Blushes

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Which women could not smile when arguably has a beautiful face skin? Especially if her skin smooth and bright appearance. One of the cosmetic products Garnier has the right solution if you want to have your face clean and bright.

Step 1, ranging from using a facial foam. Facial foam with this scent soft in the face, taste in leather especially for the oily type. Not too sticky foam and are easy to clean when rinsing.
Step 2, namely Ultimate Serum. Facial serum is equipped a lightening 5000 capsules not only keep moisture and elasticity of the skin, but also helps flatten the skin color. The shape of the gel and somewhat sticky. If using serum, allow it to dry before wearing facial skin moisturizer or foundation. The grain is also smooth and serum soluble when used on the face, not as hard as the scrub.

Step 3, i.e. the Whitening Serum Cream. Moisturizing day cream or this is not only enlightening, but also functioning shrink pores. After sharing the Ultimate serum absorbs into the skin. Because the white cream kinda pink, from here you can already see the difference in skin color. The skin is dull and uneven colors can be slightly disguised with Whitening Serum Cream, as if wearing a flimsy foundation.

Step 4, night cream Sleeping Essence. To provide protection and care of the evening, night cream this function gives freshness after a day of activity. Help enlighten you during sleep. Cream is more dilute than Whitening Serum, Cream and lighter dioles to face.

Step 5, i.e. the use of face masks. If it has been routinely wear step 1-4, last use masks. Even though it is not obliged also hell life. But if you want to try it, too. A sense of cool and calm with the scent of sakura makes your face fresh.

As long as I wear the heck, Garnier Sakura White is good on the skin. Showed no reaction as breakouts, itching and so on should occur if the product does not fit in the skin. But of course every woman’s skin condition is different, there are suitable and there is not. If you would like to try, please. No harm in looking for the best products to avoid, ladies.

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