Get To Know Sososk Meliani Siti S, Metal Guitarist Veiled Multi Talents

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Meliani Siti. S, a berhijab Girl medsos hebohkan video thanks to covernya on youtube playing guitar rock song that managed to suck up a lot of media attentionabroad, and now profiles and BIOS Siti meliani. S more and more in the search in the search engines.

Meliani is grade 3 students in one of the CMS in bandung. He started learning to play the guitar since grade 5 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from a guitar belonging to his older brother’s friends. He admits only learned jual gitar akustik autodidact. First main guitar, melani indirect plays metal music. Indeed all need process, as time goes by and the increase of skills and references. A more extreme music is becoming the choice of 15 year old girl.

The choice of why he chose metal music is affected because of both his father and elder brother, and at a time when many peers who loves KPOP music, Girl Band and referencing only to East Asia. He dared to vote differently.

He thought it was tasty metal music be heard when she was again the controversy,can make spirit when again when feeling down and life is hard, by listening to the song metal she knew there were other people shouting that their lives are no harsherthan he

When asked what genre the most he liked, he said he likes all genres, all of which have the characteristic of each. But he liked the most at the moment is the TechnicalDeath Metal and Technical death metal music became his choice may be due to the uniqueness of the music and the more challenging, though arguably Technical Death Metal is one of the genres played quite complicated but still sophisticated Melianiwhen performed a few songs with Technical Death Metal

A series of rock bands such as; A7x, MCR, Paramore, Saosin, The Devil Wears Prada,BMTH, Alesana, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, August Burns Red, Chelsea Grin,Jamica, As Blood Runs black, Eyes Set to Kill, Bullet for My Valentine, Aiden, Alone at last, Halestorm, Obscura, Necrophagist, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Spawn of Possession,Lamb of God, Chimaira, Krisiun, the pun is often an inspiration meliani in music.

Reported by leadtheyouth beralis thick Girls never attend event metal for a momentseeing rock bands perform in live humbly, he explained the reason we never to metal events because he always could not be permission from his father, but he preferred to see the video on the internet versus live, without having to go the full distance, the crowd, “i don’t really like something crowded” so he says.

Well wise decisions, parental approval is important to all of us. Maybe cyberspace can also teach many things and also gives many references of course.

To fill his spare time lately he was studying fine art and sometimes also executed orderan sketches of the face. Well.. not only talented in music, Meliani also even put pen on paper to a picture that is very beautiful. She likes to draw, because exercisingpatience as well as he was working on it.

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