Get To Know The Figure Of Monic Quality Precious Stones, Rock Guitarists Gorgeous Original Surabaya

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The name Ratna Quality precious stones or often in sapa Monic Quality precious stones must have been no foreigners among guitarists, guitarists, beautiful ‘ ngerock ‘ this is the guitarist and sometime abis vocalist of rock band called Monic & Geekboyz which is already quite famous in surabaya and was also the guitarist of the band Bathseba.

Monik got interested in guitar and studied it since usaia 10 years, at that time he was still sitting in class IV SD. Monik learned from his own father who is also a guitaristas well as guided by Om Gatuk Wicaksono (guitarist of the Tiger). He also joined a community of guitarists. Not only that, Monic also inspired by various prominent guitarist. For example, Paul Gilbert, Kiko Loureiro, Mita The Virgin, and Prisa in the musical.

When practicing, Monic had torn. “Tapping Exercises (such as guitar strings jual gitar akustik elektrik person type, Red) in addition to the RIP, no matter his finger ngapal (his skin thickened). However, he did not care. For him, an important study and learn.

Although women, Monic claimed to prefer songs with rock and metal. “You see, rock songs leaning gahar, many of the techniques of his guitar too,” he said. Despite the rapid tempo and playing techniques that are quite high, the difficulty is notMonic. He also did not need to see the records not key or range. Monic has stop outside the head.

To further hone the mental and skillnya, Monik very aktiv follow the race music and the prestigious talent search in title by a number of private TV stations such as ground water, Indonesian Got Talent, SCTV, Flaying Competition With Ibanez Indonesia, the Festival band Radio Show and TV One Digitar Icon UZONE RCM ANTV.

Although he is still very young, the girl’s birth June 12, 1997 has been shrewd in hisguitar playing and guitar techniques menguasi a high level it’s no wonder he has succeeded in bagging a great many achievements in especially in the field of music of which Champion 1 Festival Band Radio Show the level of students, the best Guitaristof the festival and the national student art contest, and most recently he managed to snatch the title of The best Coolest Player Digitar Icon (UZONE RCM) from Ahmad Dhani. Thanks to his achievements at this time has been on contract by monik Republic of Love Manageman (RCM) for three years.

Monik who often performed with guitar Wild Fire-X claims to be very menyayngi guitar for guitar was monik Sidekick especially guitar Wild Fire-X, monik confessed this guitar has a special meaning, it’s no wonder monik to give the name of The Forms.

“There’s a sense in particular, right on the first album And The Monik Geekboys there is one song solo guitar monic creation the title of ‘ the ring ‘, and often make this guitar monik karna Parameswara converted forms”. Monik says

Monic has given rise to the current one bertajug album “champion” with the band and The Monic Geekboys and already pocketed 3 beorientasi guitar instrumental works entitled Sibelang, Rain Of Fire, and Rain Of Fire II. To support penampilanya monic relies on a blend of Indonesian-made guitar Wild Fire-X with EMG HZ pickup, JimDunlop Wah Pedal Cray Baby, Boss OD-3 Digital Delay Boss NS-2 Tubeman.

Monik also has a huge obsession of being able to collaborate with the rest of indonesia’s best female guitarist in one stage. “The biggest current monic Obesei, want to collaborate with the rest of the Top Female Guitarist in indonesia in one stage, hopefully can be mediatornya”. monik said while laughing.

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