He is not a sign of Your good friend

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He is not a sign of Your good friend

He is not a sign of Your good friend

The presence of friends sometimes do not always bring up good things for you. Some even cause you’re in trouble.


The expert from the United Kingdom Relations author of the book “Why Men Ask Dumb Questions Dating“, India Kang identify one sign a person is not worthy of being made friends i.e. never attempted to contact you.


Kang says, if you be the only one trying to contact your friend then it should think again if you want to remain friends with her.


If he wants to be a part of your life, he will call you,” said India.


Another sign of anger or quite the uncomfortable moments with him. According toIndia, it is important for you to observe your feelings after spending time with colleagues.


If you feel angry or cranky, it means it is time you end Your friendship with him,” said India.


In addition, the friend you always criticize the ambitions or your goals. If your friends feel envy or turned away your spirit, there is no harm in restricting the relationshipwith him.


Lastly, if your friend is always “busy” to meet, meaning it’s time You seek new friends, friends who could set aside his time with you.
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