How to Get Google Play giftcard Voucher Code Free and Easy

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How to get free vouchers google play giftcard following is a special trick for you who love shopping apps, ebooks, and games diplaystore. For the uninitiated, giftcard Google Play is a kind of voucher contains a unique code that can then be exchanged for Google Play balance in these balances are then later you can freely use for shopping.

Google play balance is very important to have mainly users of smartphones and android gadgets. Since there are a lot of applications, games and paid ebook that can not be obtained for free. Indonesia’s average balance google play most used to buy gems and gold a game by game lovers. Google play redeem codes therefore google play balance has become a mandatory requirement that must be owned, the question is what can get this balance for free? The answer could be, and the way is also very easy.

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How to get the code vouche google play free giftcard

1. Go to the Play Store through your android gadget and typing ” whaff Rewards ” in the search box.
Select ‘whaff Rewards’ and then ‘POST’ and ‘THANK YOU’ to download, wait until the download and installation is complete.
2. Open whaff Rewards later Login / Sign in using your Facebook account principal.
3. Next will come the bonus boxes, the contents of the secret code ” DS17053 ” that dollar bonus $ 0.30 sign in to your account.
IMPORTANT: Because the bonus box will only appear once so be sure to enter the secret code correctly to get bonuses. If one then worth $ 0.30 dollar bonus will be forfeited.

Screen Shot first dollar you can if correct secret code:
4. Get more dollar by downloading all applications in the premium pick, pick whaff and the other for the full guide please read here.

5. Next redeem dollars you earn as a balance google play that will we use, the guidelines read here.


Google Wallet is the official payment service owned by Google for all gaming products and applications in the Google Play Store. To be able to perform transactions such as the purchase of apps, games, ebook, or gold or gems we have to use the Redeem Code, however redeem code can only be used in the United States (US). For that we need to do a bit of configuration in Google Wallet so we can use it here to transform our country into the United States (US).

1. Sign in and sign in to Google Wallet with the same email as you use on Google Play.
2. If such a notification appears, enter your name and zip code 10013 . select ” Add a payment method later “. Furthermore, ” Accept and create “.
3. Lastly go to settings, on the home address input the exact same with the data below. For the telephone number please fill in your phone number, and then save it.

To make a withdrawal from whaff Rewads to Google Wallet balance you must achieve a minimum of $ 12.
1. Open whaff Rewards app and select ” Payout “.
2. Then select ” Google Play giftcard “.
3. Then select the balance 12 $ and click ” Request “.
4. Then wait about approximately 1-3 days to get google play giftcard code which will be ready for us to redeem / redeem in the Play Store. To see the code into the Rewards History >> Check Gift Codes .

Special additional tutorials for the uninitiated how to redeem giftcard code google play can follow the steps below:
1. Open the Google Play Store select menu and select ” Redeem ”
2. Then enter the code you’ve giftcard can.
3. If successful it will display a notification like this.
Congratulations now google play your balance has increased. Now you can shop for apps, games, ebook, or gold and gems in the google play store. To get more dollars follow the guidelines here. Well so full tutorial how to obtain a voucher giftcard free google play , hopefully this tutorial helpful.

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