Indonesia Gastronomy Academy cooking demonstrations in Paris

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Indonesia Gastronomy Academy cooking demonstrations in Paris

Indonesia Gastronomy Academy (AGI) introduced diverse national culinary cookingdemonstrations begin by doing a rendang, ayam bakar, mud cake, to create hot andSpice Queen in culinary school Le Notre in Paris, France.


Chairman of the AGI Vita Or Rain in remarks received here on Thursday, said the classroom cooking (cooking class) was delivered by the national culinary expert William Wongso which has a portfolio of world class, at the weekend.


“From the beginning till the end looks very enthusiastic participants to follow all of the cooking process. When the sample is seen once they enjoyed and marveled Indonesia cuisine, “says Vita who is also the Chairman of the team of Culinary and shopping, the acceleration of the Ministry of tourism.


Previous AGI culinary Indonesia introduced at the Hotel Le Bristol, Paris, in the gala dinner” with the International Academy of Gastronomy (AIG) while attending the annual meeting of the President of the gastronomic world.


“We continue to promote the work of the culinary culture of the archipelago to thegastronomic centres of the world,” he said while adding that his activity was a promotional trip through Indonesia culinary Charm.


Le Notre was a culinary institution, founded by Alain and Marie Le Notre in 1998. Cooking demos in the school is the result of the cooperation of AGI, Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) France Eka Moncarre, Ministry of tourism, and the Ministry of national education.


From that activity, he said, the Le Notre will send teachers and their students to learn cooking, culture and local products to Indonesia.


Vita who is also curator for Europalia 2017 it says previously collaborated with AGIGredos San Diego School in Buitrago, Spain, which has produced culinary ambassadorsAmbassador Indonesia-born Spain.


The AGI activities welcomed by Tourism Minister Yahya Arief.


He assesses that activity to produce work that is appropriate and effective, as well as give more impact to the achievement of the target of bringing in 20 million foreign tourists to the different wis atwan tourist destinations in 2019.

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