Japanese Model of Bedroom

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Sometimes you might want to create a different aura for your bedroom, since a common one might look unattractive since you can find them in every house. You might want to create a bedroom which is similar with the place where you went for honeymoon or one of your favourite places during your holiday.

Japan might one of your choices, since they have a rich culture and almost everybody love their arts. Nowadays, you can create a Japanese atmosphere on your bedroom, where you will be surrounded by their eccentric arts.

Before creating a Japanese atmosphere for your bedroom, you might ask what Japanese room looks like? Do you also apply tatami in your bedroom? If it is so then you will need a seasonal treatment to clean the tatami and it might inconvenient you.

Well actually as wrote on Gotohomerepair.com, a Japanese room is basically consisting of tatami and Japanese sliding door, but you don’t need to use both of them to create a Japanese looking bedroom. You might choose Japanese sliding door which is matched with wooden flooring, or maybe play with the Japanese walling accessories, interior and furniture’s.

You can add lantern to replace the chandelier since it can create a warm lighting for your room, beside; lantern can effectively crate a Japanese atmosphere especially the plain white one. You can add a simple flower arrangement which represent an ikebana style, adding accessories which is made by washi paper can also be great; since they are now available in modern looking art.

As for the furniture, you can choose their small wooden crafting cupboard which can be placed next or in the foot of your bed. One you should note about making a Japanese looking bedroom is the high for the bed; you should not make them too high to make the sense of Japanese room more naturally. Adding Japanese style for your bed cover is also recommended, so you can have your Japanese atmosphere where ever you are.

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