Our Founders

Richard Davis
Richard DavisArtistic Director / Board Member
Richard established what he calls a house of ideas at the Browncoat, the downtown nonprofit theater he founded in 2007 with his wife, Amber. It’s a haven for emerging playwrites, actors and designers. Though Richard has long been involved in the Wilmington theatre scene, he says his first love was baseball, and he once aspired to play for the Atlanta Braves. The most important thing he learned from baseball, he says, is it’s okay to fail. One action won’t define your entire life; there’s always another at bat, so go for it.

Favorite Drink: Magic Hat #9

Fandom: Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones

Amber Davis
Amber DavisCo-Owner / Board Member
Amber Davis is the co-owner of the Browncoat. She is often seen or heard (loudly) behind the scenes ensuring that all runs smoothly and is the wearer of many hats, whether it be helping to build sets, run lights or sound, at the ticket booth, or acting as an usher. She holds a degree in English literature and German from UNCW and has a penchant for boots over high heels in order to kick butts in the most efficient manner.

Favorite Drink: Absolut CherryKran Vodka with Cranberry and Sprite

Fandom: Totally identifies with Sith from Star Wars

Even cooler? All our bartenders volunteer their time.

The Browncoat is probably the only place in North Carolina where your beer dollars go directly to funding the next great show that goes up on our stage.

Your Libation Specialists

Nick Smith
Nick SmithAssociate Artistic Director / Board Member / Bartender
Nick Smith had a few too many one night when Richard Davis approached him about directing Night of the Living Dead, and the rest is history. Since then Nick has directed 11 shows for the Browncoat Theatre, including the critically acclaimed A Piece of My Heart, the Star News Award-nominated His Girl Friday andBoys’ Life, and Little Shop of Horrors, 2012 winner of the Encore award for Best Theatrical Production. In his new role as Associate Artistic Director, he looks forward to helping to bring up the next generation of stage talent at the Browncoat.

Favorite Drink: White Russian

Fandoms: Star Trek, Firefly, Marvel

Samantha Sofield
Samantha SofieldHouse Manager
Sammie, who is still fairly new to The Browncoat family, is working to complete her degree in Medical Sonography at Cape Fear Community College. You may also be able to find her working the register at Nerdvana Comix. She spends most of her free time expanding her nerdy horizons through comic books.

Favorite Drink: Cherry Cran-Cran

Fandom: Firefly and Doctor Who

Jesse Smith
Jesse SmithWeb Monkey
Code monkey get up, get coffee. Code monkey do the trick. Code monkey have boring meeting with boring manager Rick. Rick say code monkey very diligent, but his output stinks. His bio not functional or elegant, what do code monkey think? Code monkey think maybe manager wanna write gorram bio page himself. So manager does, alright, code monkey not thinking so bright…

Favorite Drink: Banana Daquarie

Fandoms: Jonathan Coulton, Star Trek, Portal, SPACE!!!!!

Aaron Moody
Aaron MoodyKaraoke Host
When the TARDIS crashed and burned up Captain Karaoke stayed and brings you the best karaoke in The Galaxy. You may also remember him from such films as Eastbound and Down and Arthur Newman. Arthur Newman: “He’s choking!!!”

Favorite Drink: Bourbon on the Rocks

Fandoms: Doctor Who, The Price Is Right, and ALF

Ben Henson
Ben HensonBartender
Ben Henson discovered the Browncoat five years ago and it’s been a second home ever since. Ben has been bartending at the Browncoat for almost four years. He loves what he does and is grateful to do so in such a cool environment. When not at the Browncoat Ben holds down a day job as a pawnbroker and in his free time enjoys films, video games, and being involved with his comedy troupe Pineapple-Shaped Lamps.

Favorite Drink: White Russian

Fandoms: BioShock, Borderlands, The Big Lebowski, The Simpsons, Star Wars

Heather Campbell
Heather CampbellBartender
Heather has been a part of the North Carolina Film Community since 2006 and a member of the Browncoat Family since 2013. She’s worked with several independent companies as well as through her own company, Blue Stars Casting & Productions. She recently worked as 1st Assistant Director on the film Sangria Lift. One of her proudest moments was seeing her name on the big screen at Horrorfind Festival 2011 as Casting Director on the feature film Attack of the Alien Jelly Monsters from the Depths of Uranus. You can currently find Heather volunteering as both Bartender and Therapist here at the Browncoat Theatre & Pub on Monday and Friday nights.

Favorite Drink: Mineral Water, Espresso, Vodka (sometimes together)

Fandoms: Any original SyFy movie, especially those involving sharks or crocodiles (or both), The Twilight Zone (Rod Serling’s), Breaking Bad

Lexi Wehunt
Lexi WehuntBartender
Lexi was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved to Wilmington at the age of seven. Although Bartending is a huge passion of hers, she also enjoys playing video games, reading Horror and Sci-Fi novels, and playing with her three cats Catsby, Socks, and Hazel. One day she hopes to move to New York City to pursue a career in Mixology and Hospitality. She had been a part of The Browncoat Pub and Theatre for almost a year and absolutely loves working with such a great group of people, as well as the awesome customers!

Favorite Drink: Vodka and Cranberry

Fandoms: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Disney, DC Comics

Courtney Harding
Courtney HardingBartender
Courtney Harding is a native of Wilmington, and happy to have a home at the Browncoat Pub and Theatre! She received her degree in Theatre Education at UNC Charlotte, and is now the Theatre Instructor at New Hanover High School. She can be found dancing along the waterfront singing show tunes because she is a musical theatre junkie. She can also be found on stage here in Wilmington or working behind the scenes as a Stage Manager, Light Board Op and Sound Board Op. Theatre is truly her passion! Past favorite acting credits include: The Sun Chasers, Carrie: The Musical and On The Town.

Favorite Drink: Kaylee’s Umbrella (A Browncoat Classic!)

Fandoms: Firefly, Peter Pan, Doctor Who, Musicals, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Anything by Joss Whedon