Moving KPR Banks, Can I?

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Moving KPR Banks, Can I?

It is likely that there are many people who do not know that when the mortgage loan in one bank has been running, you can decide to move to another bank.

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The dominant cause of someone wanting to move the mortgage bank is because the interest rate set at the bank is too high.

Generally, conventional banks apply flat interest schemes alias flat for two or three years. After that, the fluctuating interest rate depends on market conditions.

Because the portion of floating interest (floating) is often considered burdensome, not infrequently some people choose to move installments mortgage to other banks that give promo a light interest or switch to sharia banks.

Or it could be because the debtor wants top up mortgages to other banks that are able to give a larger loan limit than the current bank. The reason someone does a top up is usually based on the need for funds for home renovation.

Moving mortgage banks can be regarded as one of the best solution in overcoming the two problems above.

Although it seems easy and light, but you still have to be careful because there are a number of things that must be considered carefully.

To Ru, Dawn Darmawangsa, a private employee with offices in South Jakarta shared his experience in relation to moving a mortgage bank. In step, for him quite easily provided that all the required documents complete.

The process was only about three weeks, including rumah sederhana the credit agreement. Just for information, moving the mortgage bank does not require another interview session, just with the BI checking results.

“The price of the house when I buy is Rp200 Million. The previous bank loaned Rp160 million. An interval of three years, I check to another bank was the price of my house has risen to Rp390 Millions. This higher loan ceiling offer is what underlies my move to a mortgage bank, “Fajar explained.

“When I passed the stage of bank transfer, the funds disbursed by a new bank (cash) directly I use to pay off the remaining credit to the bank before. The rest of the money, I use for home renovation and the rest is saved to install installments to new bank every month, “he said.

In addition to being more profitable in terms of loan limits, the new bank Fajar has also offered fixed single digit interest rates for two years. If compared, the interest rate set by the bank previously set the number 14% per month.

“So the mortgage that was really big because the floating interest, can be lighter almost half. In addition, I can take a shorter tenor despite the number of installments slightly higher, “he said.

The policy of each bank in this matter must be different. But in general, banks will charge the following two fees if you plan on moving a mortgage bank.

First, the cost of a penalty

The penalty fee will be charged to debtors who want to pay off the early repayment. In this case, moving a mortgage bank means you also have to close the credit with the previous bank.

The percentage of penalties applied by each bank is different, but it averages at 2%. Thus, the accumulation of installments to be paid should be coupled with a penalty fee.

Example; Monthly installments Rp2.000.000, tenornya remaining 5 years. Thus, Rp2 million multiplied by 60 months = Rp120 million plus Rp2,4 million (penalty fee) result of Rp122,400,000. That’s the nominal you have to pay to the bank before.

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