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Griya Asri magazine alongside the natural Living World Silk will be holding a workshop “Vertikultur Learning” with COMmunity ENGagement (COMENG), Department ofarchitecture of the Faculty of engineering of the University of Indonesia on Friday, February 19, 2016 18.00 in the West Atrium of the natural Living World silk, Serpong.

Vertikultur is a combination vertical + agriculture, where the event will be explainedabout how to create a vertical garden, media made of pelalon and drains. Learn vertikultur is one of the activities carried out by the Alumni Association jasa tukang taman of the architecture faculty of engineering of the University of Indonesia (ILUNI Architecture FTUI) in the framework of 50th birthday or 5Dekade Department of architecture FTUI.

The range of activities that it does is invite the community in order to enable the social and sporting activities in the environment by means of revitalizing the existing parks are not yet termanfaatkan to the maximum as well as the land empty or negative zone becomes active to play garden, field sports, gardening, vegetables and spaces of expression (positive zone).

The volunteers comprising the UI Architecture Alumni Association along with local citizens in cooperation enhances the function of the grounds as a means of exercise and play, plant trees and vegetables, fixing the housing quality and making & passions of young citizens, parents and children more colorful.


Comeng “5 d” or “Community Engagement – in order to celebrate 50 years of the Faculty of Engineering Department of architecture of the University of Indonesia Alumni Association, the” architecture of FTUI presents a series of activities as a contribution to the world of architecture and architectural education in Indonesia. Comeng 5 d is one of a series of events held from September 2015 – April 2016. Other activities in celebration of the Department of architecture FTUI 5 d in the form of exhibitions, seminars and book launch works.

Events workshop “Vertikultur Learning” became part of the series of events “LivingWorld Beautiful Home Festival” held on 18 February – 6 March 2016 at the Living World of natural silk. The event that took place nearly two weeks it will be filled by a number of activities, including workshops, talk-show, exhibition, performance, moviescreening & design corner.

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