Thailand-Cambodia boundary crossing by bus

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Thailand-Cambodia boundary crossing by bus

The city of Bangkok, Thailand, has become one of the tourism destinations for those who like the streets. Not only the Asian tourists, a tourist from outside of Asia is also not a few who spend their vacations to the capital city of the land of the white elephant that is.

Besides sightseeing the city of Bangkok to shop, enjoy food and visit the magnificent temples with gold, across the country Thailand to travel to Cambodia to become an alternative to prolong the holidays.

The city of Siem Reap in Cambodia which is well worth a visit. In addition as it is not too far from Bangkok, the city also keeps a historical legacy of the world i.e. the enshrinement of Angkor Wat complex.

To be able to stroll to Siem Reap, you can use Government buses operated by The Transport Co. named Nattakan. You can book bus tickets online or buy it directly at the bus station Mo Chit, Bangkok.

Ticket price 750 baht of about Rp300 thousand. There are two options depart time towards Siem Reap, Cambodia, namely at 08.00 and 09.00 a.m. Bangkok time (same as EDT).
(The journey to the border of Thailand and Cambodia on Tuesday (4/4/2017). (Afp/Arindra Meodia))

The journey to the border

Arriving at the terminal you can get Mo Chit counter The Transport Co. to Exchange proof of ticket purchase with a physical ticket. To make things easier, we recommend you purchase tickets online, given the language a bit, while constraints become proof of ticket purchase can be a tool for you to ask the officers.

After the exchange of tickets, you can head to the space port. Bus stops are at number Nattakan 160.

You will feel different when things were about to get into the bus. The reason, the door of the bus was in the right, while the steering wheel is on the left. The bus is a bus Cambodia where those countries using the system in contrast to traffic in Indonesia (the steering wheel on the left).

The bus is quite comfortable and not too small, two seat on the right and the left. When you sit down, the clerk will come to you to give a bottle of mineral water and a pack of paper bags containing a packet of cake sponge, a box of fruit juice and a can of coffee are small.

On the way you will see the familiar scenery. The journey to Thailand-Cambodia border passing through a small town in the first two hours. On the right and left side of the road there is not the least bit like a resting place on the freeway like a gas station, toilet and pujasera. There are also fast food outlets.

The journey continues with a view of the forest with trees landscape slim stature similar to when crossing the area of Wonogiri, East Java, to Klaten, Central Java, which is filled with teak trees. Then, a stretch of land with undergrowth.

Approaching the border, officers of the bus gave paper arrival/departure form to/from Cambodia. These forms are used for entering/leaving Cambodia when passport control at the Immigration Office.

About 5 km from the border, the bus stopped at a resting place which is a bit similar to the traditional markets. There, other officers make visa for passengers whose country is required to use the visa to enter Cambodia with charge 1,000 baht or about Rp400 thousand.

As information, citizens of Indonesia do not require a visa to enter Cambodia since it joined in ASEAN.

In place of the stops there are branch offices of the administration which administers Nattakan bus passengers to cross the border. There is also the bus officer taking lunch, one box of shrimp fried rice to share with fellow passengers.

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