The advantage of Buying a House with a MORTGAGE

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The advantage of Buying a House with a MORTGAGE
Since the Mortgages (MORTGAGES) are present in Indonesia on 41 years ago, or rather December 10, 1976, this financing facility makin day makin has a lot of fans. Especially for middle and low-income communities (MBR) who wants to buy a House but constrained funding.

According to current surveys conducted along the Indonesia Bank quarter III-2016, MORTGAGES remain the first choice of consumers in the home buying transaction. Surveys indicate most consumers (74,77%) still give priority to KPR.

Taken from the book “do not Wrong Choosing MORTGAGE” writing tanah dijual di solo¬†¬†Slamet Ristanto, KPR turned out to be a financial burden not only consumers, but also gives advantages for consumers. Among them are:

The certainty of having

Through MORTGAGE there is the certainty of having a new home. Shortly after the bank’s credit approval, certificate of land/home is already processed for behind the name to on your behalf. Only, these ownership documents are still stored in the bank since the Foundation of the borg/collateral until the debt paid off.

No need to fully fund

You just provide a cash advance or down payment (DP) to purchase, construct, to renovate a house through a MORTGAGE varies. Could be only 10-20 percent of the home price depending on the type and conditions of the home is still the individual bank.

At the moment there are exhibitions about property usually provides relief from the bank for a down payment.

(Home MORTGAGE in Jabodetabek price at Rp500 million? Check here)

Certain installments

Certain installments mortgages each month more allows you to organize your finances. While for enthusiasts of the MORTGAGE Office employees who had previously been contracted home it will usually easier because routine already set aside a monthly salary.

The more light

Although the angsurannya are relatively fixed, but long-duration value in real terms decreased due to inflation or because your income generally increases periodically.

Early mencicil may feel heavy, but the passage of time will certainly feels light. In fact many of them are able to pay off his MORTGAGE before the tenor ending.

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Legality of ownership

To have a home with a MORTGAGE was preceded by the creation of the deed of sale and purchase (AJB) between the seller (developers/homeowners) and buyer (debtor) is done before a notary of the counterparty banks.

So you don’t need to worry about the legality or certificate of such legitimate home problematic, because the bank is also interested parties against collateral.

Means of investing

House prices from year to year even per quarter often rise dramatically. The increase is even sometimes isn’t relevant to your current income.

As proof, based on a review of the property team, often found House prices surged within three or four months only. What if the House is located in a strategic location a lot of prey.

Therefore, it would be nice if you already have the funds for a down payment and credit, mengangsur is able to immediately ask a MORTGAGE before it is too late.

Other collateral solutions

KPR is a means to print asset as collateral at a time when credit solutions you need venture capital. Therefore, no matter if it has not yet paid off according to your bank is a good debtor, the bank will not be unwilling to offer credit to another for the purposes of business or other matters.

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