The Best Summer Shoes For Kids

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This image cracks me up.  For the record, we did NOT ask them to pose like that.  I assume it is the end end effect of being the offspring of a style blogger.  God assist me.

In any case, SUMMER IS A COMIN’.  Are you ready?

Normally, my reply could be a resounding NO.  But this year, in phrases of summer season rediness, I’m doing quite good.  That’s one among the numerous (many!!) bonuses of a tropical Spring Break: we’re fully prepared for SUMMA SUMMA SUMMATIME.

And by “we” I imply the boys.  I am never finished buying myself (don’t get any loopy ideas, Mike Draugelis).

But let’s talk about about sandals for kids.  More specifically, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the subsequent urgent topics:
1. Wakai vs Flip-Flops



2.  Are Keen sandals price it simply due to the actual fact they’re simply so fairly sensible even when they’re also solely terrible looking?  AMIRIGHT?!!?

My Feelings on Wakai Can Best Be Expressed by This Photo Montage

Here’s the thing:  I love Sepatu Wakai for littles within the summer.  They’re lightweight, won’t overheat the feet, can get wet, will dry, and equally of my boys have been setting them on by themselves for years.  (This is the foremost benefit they have over Saltwater sandals.  We’re big, HUGE followers of Saltwater here, but I hate having to buckle them every one and each one time we cross outside.  But for all-day outdoor exploring, they’re robust to beat.)

We went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break, and no subject the activity, the boys romped round of their Wakai.

Also?  That BELLY.

Raines – Original Penguin Print Polo, Volcom Blocko Board Shorts, Wakai Classics in navy, sunglasses are purchased out but these orange aviators are similar

Me – James Perse Slub Raglan Tee, UGG Australia Char Mar Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal

Pax – Original Penguin Stripe Polo, Volcom Surf& Turf Hybrid Shorts, Tiny Wakai in red, Pax’s socks are old, but he’d be throughout these shark socks, the orange sunglasses are gone, but yellow is nonetheless available

I also love the truth that for each one pair of Wakai purchased, a couple is donated to a kid in need.  Such a great concept.  Also, they’re affordable.   So whilst my oldest loses his Wakai mid-trip and is pressured to positioned on his flip-flops for the relaxation of the vacay, I’m $30-ish mildly annoyed slightly than $50+ ENRAGED.  Win-win.flip-flops-for-kids
Kowabunga tshirt, Volcom Recliner Sandal
OK, Flip-Flops.  Bring It.

Both of my guys love their flip-flops.  Raines loves being capable to kick them off so simply (which is precisely the subject in case you ask me), and Pax loves them simply due to the actual fact his brother has them.  The motive I all the time pack the flip-flops, regardless of my misgivings, is simply due to the actual fact this pair of Wakai isn’t the primary shoe to be misplaced on a Draugelis vacay.  And then there was that point we made it (3+ hours) right into a ride in simple terms to find that neither boy was donning any sneakers at all.  GRRRR.

So yeah – no subject the destination, flip-flops are within the bag.  (Besides, they’re best for grimy bathrooms.)

In any case, I was quite inspired with how nicely R did climbing within the jungle rainforest in his flip-flops.  Logical outcomes people.

I don’t love flip-flops for little ones (or heck, kiddos 4 and under).  It’s robust for them to stroll round in flip-flops for any size of time.  HOWEVER….if your little one insists (and Pax could be verrrry loopy I imply convincing whilst he desires his way)….I swear by Reef’s Ahi Flip-Flop.  The tinier sizes have that again strap (you can see it on Pax below), which makes a vast difference.

For older kiddos?  Volcom.  Really comfortable, but insanely durable, too.


Raines – Kowabunga tshirt, Volcom Recliner Sandal

Pax – Um…the hysterical outfit I purchased downtown Puerto Rico in desperation whilst we discovered we allow Pax depart the lodge in leggings and a sweatshirt in 90 level weather.  #badmommy.  His sneakers are Reef’s Ahi Flip-Flops (exact colour is purchased out, but Nordstrom has a ton).

Now…let’s talk about KEENS

You’re typical with Keen sandals, right?  If a climbing boot and a sandal had a baby….you’d quit up with Keens.  As you possibly can imagine, if one is the sort that insists on dressing their little one like a tiny hipster [S raises hand] Keens do NOT make the cut.

But….as I recall, whilst Raines was a bit guy, Keens had been my go-to summer season sandal for his little self.  I’m certain I even have a image round right right here somewhere…..

Oh. My. GAWD.  Look at my little one boy.  Look at my RAINES!  Look at that face, these excessive eyebrows, these lips, these pudgy little hands…..I DIE.  Where did the time go?  Who cares what they appear like, my Keen-wearing little man and I had so, SO many adventures together!!  Keens included his lovely little piggies anywhere we went:  climbing on rocks, wading by streams, stomping in mud…

And now I’m sobbing.  Keens, I LOVE you, I really, fairly do.  I do NOT care that you’re now not hipster-baby approved.  You are fully sensible and long lasting and all of these fully boring phrases which whilst positioned collectively on this case capacity FUN.  You. Are. FUN.

(And crazy-emotional-mom-rant aside, you’ve gotta examine out the colorway at the girls’ sandals.  Well played, Keens.  My favs are below.)

You guys, what the heck did I do for Pax whilst he was a toddler?  I recognise I didn’t agonize over his footwear alternatives like I did for Raines….

Riiiiiiight.  [hangs head in shame]  Those poor, moment babies.

A big, HUGE thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this positioned up – this stroll down reminiscence lane was such fun.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and reviews are my own.  (Or as Pax could say, “MINE OWN”.)  And readers, thanks for assisting the outlets who assist help The Mom Edit  – it doesn’t cross unnoticed, and is so very a lot appreciated

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