Tips Expressing Yourself With Music

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Expressing yourself with music can be done with a variety of positive things. As we know, music is one of the art that has the selling value. With music, we can not only channel our hobby but also able to develop the talents that are within us. Expressing yourself with music is the most powerful way to fill your spare time, muffle your stress in the midst of busyness, channel your hobby of music and hone your hidden potential / talent. Here are some tips for expressing yourself with music.


Karaoke is the most easy and efficient musical activity. This kind of activity can also be done to relax your mind. The cost of karaoke is also very cheap. Karaoke can be done anywhere and anytime you want. There are a lot of karaoke outlets spread across major cities in Indonesia. For those of you who love karaoke at home, you can try the home-karaoke type. Simply buy a karaoke software device and some hardware needed to build a karaoke homing.


Joining in a sauara alloy is also one of the easiest ways to express yourself with music. If at school, campus or in your residence there is a choir group, you can join the group as a means to train your vocals. Several groups of sauara alloys also train you to play musical instruments such as piano, violin and other types of musical instruments. Nothing wrong with joining such a group?

Creating Song Poems

Creating a song poem is a means of expressing yourself with music that is very easy. Poetry can be written according to the outpouring of heart, personal experience and so forth. Next you can turn the poem into a song lyrics that are arranged in such a way with a combination of tone and the right musical instrument. For lyrical song lyrics, you just accompany him with an acoustic guitar or violin. The more music combinations are created, the better the song is formed.

Practice Dance

Dance is also closely related to music. Dance is impossible without music. Dance is one of the media express themselves with music that is quite complex. Practicing dance can be done by self-taught, with professional trainers, joining dance classes as well as through CD / DVD tutorial media.

Form a Band

Another thing that can be done to express yourself with music is to form a musical band. You can start your career by forming your own band and fellow members. Determine the potential portion of each. The vocals come from the band members who do have the best sound. As for the players of musical instruments such as bassist, pianist, guitarist and so forth, you can choose someone who most mastered among others. Use time to practice together, complement each other and teach each other. Compactness is the initial capital to pursue your musical career in the future.

Following the Musical Instrument Course

Before forming a band, it’s good if you follow a musical instrument course. A good musician not only has a good vocal, but a variety of musical instruments must also be mastered. Especially in a band, a member’s vacancy may take place at some point when personnel turnover, or there is one member of the band who is sick, automatically, you or one other member should be able to replace him for a while. With a course of musical instruments, you are not only taught the basics, but also the realm of music from lay to the professional level.

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