constellations aquarius
constellations aquarius

What Is Constellations Of Aquarius ?

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Aquarius is one of the stars of the 12 zodiacs are there, you might wonder about the origin of the Rasi Bintang Aquarius or another. Here is a history of the formation of the constellations of the zodiac Aquarius as the material of our knowledge all before you start reading Aquarius Zodiac Forecast Today.

Constellations Aquarius

constellations aquarius
constellations aquarius

A constellation is a group of stars that seem to form a particular configuration. In the three-dimensional space, most of the stars we observe do not have relationships with each other but can be seen as a group on the ball of the night sky. Humans have a very high ability to recognize patterns and throughout history have grouped stars that appear close into constellations. The composition of the constellations unofficial, that is widely known by the public but is not recognized by astronomers or the International Astronomical Union, also called asterism.

The stars of the constellation or asterism rarely have a relationship astrophysics; they just happen to appear close together in the sky visible from Earth and are usually very far apart. Catamite incarnation aka Ganymede, son of King Tros of Troy of Callirhoe. Catamite reputedly has the stature and a very handsome face so that Jupiter crush on him that sent Raja Wali NYA, Catamite Aquila to kidnap and bring it to the Olympus when his cattle graze on the slopes of Mount Ida to be a personal cup-bearer and lover Jupiter.

Instead, Jupiter bestows mighty horses and precious stones trees to King Tros
When Juno show jealousy and dislike to Catamite, Jupiter makes the constellation Aquarius. Jupiter also makes the Aquila constellation and placed near the constellation Aquarius to keep Catamite and to commemorate his abduction.
It is said that the Egyptians Kun Olah that this constellation thus named because they appear in the sky marking the arrival at the Nile River overflowed its shores and brought the black mud that fertilizes the soil.

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